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How to Setup the Indio AMS360 Integration
How to Setup the Indio AMS360 Integration

Easily setup client syncing between AMS360 and Indio

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How does the integration work? 

The Web Services API is used to pull updated clients, any assigned agency employees, and the client contacts into Indio from your AMS. If you have the VPN set up with Vertafore and integrated with our policy data import we'll also use this API to pull the list of policies on your account.

1. Set up your Web Services ID  

  • Open the Web Services API Setup: Click -> Administration -> Web Service API Setup

  • Click New

2. Use the following information to create the Indio Account.

  • Click New in the right hand bar yellow bar next to Edit and Delete.

  • Set the Web Service Application to Custom

  • Type Indio in the WSAPI Login ID

  • Type in the desired password for this account in the Password and Verify Password boxes. Password Parameters include:

    • Must be at least 6 characters in length

    • Maximum length allowed is 30 characters

    • Passwords are case sensitive

    • Must be alphanumeric characters only

    • Must include at least one numeric character

    • Must include at least one upper-case character

    • Must include at least one lowercase character

  • The password will need to be communicated to your Indio Contact to complete the integration between AMS360 and Indio.

  • Under Data Security Based On select Specific Employee. Select an employee from the drop down list who will be your admin user.

  • Under Entity Access, check all of the below listed entities:

Customer (check Retrieve, Insert)
Employee (check Retrieve)
CustomerContact (check Retrieve, Insert)
GLDivision (Check Retrieve)
GLDepartment (Check Retrieve)
GLBranch (Check Retrieve)

  • Click the Save icon in the upper left hand corner.

3. AMS360 Notifications

The AMS360 Notification API is used to keep your AMS360 account in sync with Indio whenever a change is made or a new client is added in your AMS.

For this you'll want to go to Notification Service Setup in the Administration menu in AMS360

  • Click Add under Recipient Information. Add a recipient with the following:

  • Recipient Name: Indio

  • Destination Address: (Replace "yourbrokerage" with your Indio subdomain)

  • Authentication Code: Can be generated following your password parameters, or your Indio contact can generate one for you to use. The authentication code will need to be communicated to your Indio Contact to complete the integration between AMS360 and Indio.

  • Under Delivery Status set it to On.

  • Under Notification Types, click Grant Notification for Company, Customer, Policy, and Line of Business

  • Click the Save icon on the upper left hand side. Use "Indio Notifications" if it prompts for a name.

After you do steps 1 through 3 please send your Indio contact the following information: 

  • The filters that you want to use: Personal or commercial // Branch code // Department and Division

  • The API setup password

  • The Notification Service Authentication Code

  • Your AMS360 Agency ID 

Still have questions?  Feel free to chat with our support team using the chat feature located in the bottom right-hand corner of the platform or email

Note: The Indio Technologies platform is most optimized on the browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox. If you use Internet Explorer there may be limited functionality as a result.

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