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How to Edit an Email Address for a Client Contact
How to Edit an Email Address for a Client Contact

If you need to make a change to a contact’s email, here's how to fix that!

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Note: This article applies to agencies without integrations or agencies with integrations that want to make a non-permanent change. If an agency with integrations wants to make a long term change, please make edits to the client contacts within your agency management system. Afterwards, press the “Sync from …” within your Client’s account and it will synchronize accordingly.

  1. In order to edit the client’s email, navigate to the client page and click on “Edit” near Account Info.

2. You can also press Manage Account

3. From here, go to Account Contacts and press the Pencil icon for the client contact that need the change

4. The Edit Contact window will open. Make the necessary changes to the contact and press “Save”

IMPORTANT: If you make an edit to a contact that is associated with multiple accounts, a Replace or Edit Contact window will appear. If you choose to “Continue to edit contact,” please remember the change permeates to all the other accounts. If you are replacing a different contact for the current contact, then select “Replace current contact with new contact for this client only.”

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