How to Create a Submission in Indio

Are you ready to start working on applications and workbooks for your insured’s renewal? First, you need to create a submission!

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What is it?

A submission is the box or vessel created in the client account where you can collection information from Insureds & market to your carriers.

*Agencies with Bi-Directional Epic Integration, click here for instructions.

Benefits of the Feature:

By having submissions, it keeps all of the applications and workbooks nicely organized and packaged for your client. When the policies approach renewal in your second year of using Indio and on, you can easily “Renew Submission,” which copies all the data from one submission into a new submission.

How to Use the Feature:

Once you have either created, imported, or searched and clicked on your client, you will be taken to the client’s Submissions page.

From here, you can either press the “+ New” button (see above).

If this is your first time creating a submission for this Account, press “Create Submission” in the middle (see below). The New Submission window opens.

From here, you can do the following:

  1. Submission Name: Similar to your Email Subject Line, this will be the title of the submission.

  2. Effective Date: This will be the start date of the policy

  3. Due Date: This is the date that you would like the client to complete everything in this submission. Please keep in mind that this date always prefills 90 days prior to the selected Effective date. However, you do have the option to change it to the Due Date of your choice. The Due Date comes into play if you choose to turn on Smart Reminders using the Send to Client option.

  4. Lines of Business: What Lines of Business are a part of this policy. Policies in the same submission must have the same effective date. (You must select at least one Line of Business).

  5. Entities: Make sure to have the Primary Entity selected. If the Primary has any secondary entities such as a DBA, you can click “+ Add New Entity” and add it in there.

Once you are done, click Next.

You may now Select Markets, either based on your agencies preferred insurers or explore current Market Appetite by clicking View Market Appetite.

*Canadian users will not be prompted to select markets.

If you choose to explore Market Appetite, you will enter the built-in IVANS Market Appetite search module. From here you can search all insurers for your previously selected Lines of Business.

You may search by Class Code, Lines, and State. To select this market for future use in your marketing process, click the check mark & the market will be added to the right Selected Markets column. Once finished, click Done.

For Epic Bi-Directional user, you will now be prompted to Import Data from Epic. All Others will be brought to the Data Collection tab inside your newly created submission.

Great Job! Your submission is now created and you can begin adding forms, workbooks, e-signature requests, document upload requests, document view requests, communicating with your insured, and tracking marketing submissions.

Ready to start collecting information? Start here!

Do you prefer to see a video? Visit here!

When you return to the Submissions Overview for an account, you will see this under Active submissions.

Still have questions? Feel free to chat with our support team using the chat feature located in the bottom right-hand corner of the platform or email

Note: The Indio Technologies platform is most optimized on the browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox. If you use Internet Explorer there may be limited functionality as a result.

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