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Why will my workbook not import into Indio?
Why will my workbook not import into Indio?

Common reasons why your custom workbook is not uploading or uploading incorrectly

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The Indio Workbook Schedule can be a powerful tool for agents and clients alike but not if you have to fiddle around trying to figure out why your data is importing poorly or not at all.

We will cover some pretty quick and easy common "issues" that can be resolved without too much fuss.

First and foremost, the Indio workbook operates with very simply entered data, as seen below:

  1. We have an Indio Template you can download right from the "Create Workbook" page in any client and this is what it looks like. It has a template for all the different sheets you can import like SOV's, Additional Interest, Equipment, etc. and we recommend using this as a guide when crafting a worksheet you want to upload

  2. All of these headers are the things you can have entered in your own form that will carry over when you import into Indio. Make sure every column with data has a header on it or it will not import

  3. For each header in the template, right below we tell you exactly what kind of values will populate. So if you for example have $25.00 for whatever reason in the 'Additional Insured' section, this will not import because that is not a Text, that is a Currency

We know many many agents use very customized worksheets that work perfectly for their purposes however these heavily customized worksheets tend to have the most importing problems. Below is a list of potential issues that may prohibit you from uploading your workbook successfully, and the work arounds and fixes the Indio Support and Engineering teams use to resolve them:

A.    Missing headers - As mentioned earlier, if you have 6 rows of data and only 5 headers, this can wreak havoc with the importing process and even result in nothing being imported altogether. Make sure all columns have some type of supported header per the Indio Template (example below)

B.    Unsupported values - whether these are values in the individual cells below your headers (ie. $25.00 vs twenty five dollars) or the entire column itself [ie. "Super Interest Rate" (this is most definitely not something supported in the Aircraft schedule or anywhere else for that matter), either or can hinder a successful import. Make sure to match the values in your cells with what the Indio Template has listed.    If the column you are trying to add does not exist in the Indio template, you can always map it to one of the "Custom Columns" provided in our sheets then rename it to match your data. (example below)

C.    Incorrect type of file - You can only import excel files. If you have your spreadsheet saved on a pdf or word doc, they will not pull through. Also, if you are operating off a different/outdated version of excel, it is possible that this will stop the import too. Try to save as .xlsx if you are in a different file type

D.    Hiding columns/rows, macros, etc - Some users of excel are comfortable hiding or merging columns or rows in their spreadsheets to match their preferred layout. These format changes from a standard gridline layout of a blank excel sheet can also stop imports dead in their tracks. Use of Macros and Pivot Tables or more advanced techniques will cause issues or not come over at all often. Stick to the standard grid layout like in the Indio Template for best results. (merge example below)

E.    Multiple rows for headers - These will import poorly or incorrectly generally so again, use the Indio Template as a guide and only have one row of data to make your column Headers. (example below)

F.    Data outside the grid - If you have values that lie outside of your main data grid, these sometimes will be the ONLY thing uploaded from the sheet. This seems to confuse the mapping protocol. This can take the form of a second small chart like a Summary or really just any values floating outside of your main mass. To remedy this, delete the values or find a way to merge them into your other data (Screen below)

This is more than enough information to get you started importing your worksheets into the Indio platform. These are not all of the things that may cause Importing issues but these may be some of the most common. Avoid and repair these as best you can and if you are still having issues, please reach out to or click on our live chat bubble at the bottom right of your screen and allow us to assist.

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