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Access & Switch between Different Accounts (How-To)
Access & Switch between Different Accounts (How-To)

Your email can be associated with multiple accounts. This article will show you how to access and switch between them.

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After completing the Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA ) process, if your email is associated with multiple accounts, you will see the following screen with a list of your accounts:

Click on “View” to go into that specific account. If you don't see an account, it is possible you need to scroll down to view more accounts. Another reason might be the missing account is not associated with the inputted email. (You will need to select any account then log out of Indio to go back to the Login Page.)

When you log into your Indio profile, you will be taken to the Applications page of the Account. If the account is not correct, you can click on the down arrow similar to the image below. From there, you can select from the list of Accounts and it will allow you to navigate to the correct account.

Still have questions? Please reach out to your insurance agent if you need further assistance with filling out your insurance applications or navigating within the platform

Note: The Indio Technologies platform is most optimized on the browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you use Internet Explorer, there may be limited functionality as a result.

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