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Logging in as an Insured/Client (How-To)
Logging in as an Insured/Client (How-To)

Follow the steps below to log in as an Insured/Client

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What is this?

Insureds/Clients can log into the Indio portal with their email address and a 5-digit authentication code that changes each time they log in.

Benefits of the feature:

This feature provides insureds/clients a quick and easy way to log into Indio without requiring them to set up credentials i.e. username, password, etc. The 5-digit authentication code provides an extra layer of security as the portal may contain sensitive and confidential information/documentation.

How to use the feature:

The first step will be to enter your email address. If you are having issues with the correct email address, please contact your agent/broker directly.

Next, please select how you would like to receive your 5-digit code. For security reasons, this passcode will change each time you log into the portal:

  • Send code via Email

  • Sent Code via Text (if mobile number is entered on contact record in Indio)

Once you choose where to receive your code, it will be texted or emailed to you and you can enter it into this next screen below. Once entered, you will then be taken to the login portal.

*Note: As the Client/Insured - if you are connected to multiple accounts, you will be able to select which portal you would like to log into. Please refer to the screenshot below:

If you have any questions on which account to log into, please contact your agent or broker immediately.

Issues Logging In:

If you are logged into one profile already, you can click the profile circle on the top right and navigate to different client accounts your email is also associated with or log out entirely if desired.

Am I logged in as a Client or Agent?

There are several big differences between logging in as an Agent versus a Client. Please see the below examples to confirm which portal you are in and if you need to navigate to the other side (Examples Below):

Agent Profile

Client Profile

Still have questions? Please reach out to your insurance agent if you need further assistance with filling out your insurance applications or navigating within the platform

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