Account List and Account Activity

Find and access your clients with the Account List and view the history of client activities in Account Activity

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What is it?

The Account List displays your list of clients in an organized manner. The Account Activity tab displays and lists client activities performed on the Indio platform.

Benefit of the Feature:

The Account List allows you to quickly access your client account pages. You can search globally or use the filter options to help you minimize your search list. Account Activity gives you transparency into all of your clients' activities on one page with powerful search and filter options.

How to Use Account List:

1. The Account List view shows your clients along with the primary contact, assigned agents, account type, and the amount of time from the last activity.

2. You can use filter options to narrow down the results to find a specific client.

You can filter by assigned Agent, as well as filter by Opportunity Type, Account Type, Regions, and Account Status.

3. You can also quickly search for clients by Account Name or Primary Contact name. When you use the search function, it removes any set filters so you can search globally without filter restrictions.

How to Use Account Activity:

1. The Account Activity tab shows relevant activities from all of your clients with the most recent activity at the top. The activities are grouped by date and ordered by time within each date.

2. You can use multiple filter options to view activities by clients assigned to specific agents, specific activity, account type, or regions.

3. Or use the search function to find all activities by user, client name, or form name. When you use search, it removes any set filters so you can search globally without filter restrictions.

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