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If you have an AMS integration with Indio, and your admin has configured the integration to pull the correct policies, you can view information about the policies for a client, both current and expired. 

We pull in all policies from the AMS and refresh them every 15 minutes to assure we have the latest updates. The view in Indio is read only and any edits to the policies should be made in your AMS. 

How It Works

To view the policies for a client, navigate to that client and click on the Policies tab. This will show you a list of active and expired policies with basic information include line of business, carrier, policy number, and expiration date.

If you expand a policy row, you will see more information about the policy including effective date, payment center, writing carrier, bill method, underwriter, and premium.

Client View of Policies

You can also share this information with your client on the client portal by turning on the Client can view policies toggle. By default, this is set to "off".

Setting Up Policies to Import

Before being able to see your client's policies in Indio, your admin will need to configure which policy types they wish to exclude in the Integrations tab and let our Support Team know they're ready to turn the feature on.

This feature requires an AMS integration with Indio. If you don't currently have one, please have your admin talk to our Support Team to learn about the benefits and how to get one set up.

Still have questions?  Feel free to chat with our support team using the chat feature located in the bottom right-hand corner of the platform or email support@useindio.com

Note: The Indio Technologies platform is most optimized on the browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox. If you use Internet Explorer there may be limited functionality as a result.

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