Submission Locking and Hiding

Allows you to control when a client can edit or see a submission

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Have you ever wanted to hide a submission while you're setting it up? Do you want to lock a submission so your client can't make changes while you're going to market? This feature gives you control over how a submission appears (or doesn't appear) in the client portal.

How It Works

As an agent, you can set a client's access and visibility for submissions to:

  • Editable: The client can access and make changes to all schedules and forms in the submission. (If a form or schedule is unshared, it will not show up in the client portal.)

  • Locked: The client can view the submission and any schedules and forms added to it but cannot make any changes or submit and sign them. 

  • Hidden: The submission is completely hidden from the client and does not show in the client portal.

When a submission is locked or hidden, an indicator shows on the Submissions list for an account. 

When a submission locked, and the client views a form or schedule within that submission, all fields will be disabled (non-editable) and there will be a message at the top of the screen telling them to contact you to make changes.

If the client attempts to make a change to a form or schedule, they will see a pop-up message letting them know they can't make changes.

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Note: The Indio Technologies platform is most optimized on the browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you use Internet Explorer (IE) 10 or less, there may be limited functionality as a result. 

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