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AMS360 Integrations with Indio
AMS360 Integrations with Indio

Get a high-level view of how Indio can streamline your workflow with integrations with Applied AMS360.

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Applied Systems offers integration with AMS360 that helps your team keep the book of business in Indio up to date, client profiles up to date with all current information, and also pull in policy-level data to fill schedules in our Schedule Workbook feature.


  1. Increase agency efficiency

  2. Decrease keystrokes

  3. Save your team time.

Check out the work steps below to walk through the high level features of our integration.

With the client sync option between Indio and AMS360, your team will have the following features:

  1. From the Account list in Indio, the option for Import Client from AMS360 will be available to pull accounts from AMS360 by Customer number.

  2. When in an account detail, the option Sync from AMS360 will allow you to pull updated client level details from AMS360.

  3. Division codes will populate into the Indio Admin, Regions area.

  4. You may view your Web Services status under Admin, Integrations.

With the addition of the VPN option between Indio and AMS360, your team will have the following additional feature:

Note: this requires set up through Vertafore, please contact your Vertafore rep to get started.

  1. A read-only policy view list

  2. An option when creating workbooks to Import Schedules from AMS360.

  3. Once a schedule is added, an option under the expand menu will be available to Export to AMS360. This will export as a CSV file.

  4. You may now also view your AMS360 VPN status under Admin, Integrations

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