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Accessing Indio from Applied Epic for Salesforce (AESF)
Accessing Indio from Applied Epic for Salesforce (AESF)
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What is it?

An integration that Epic has with Salesforce to connect Indio and Epic through Salesforce with a button called "Open in Indio" at the account level in Salesforce.

How does it work?

The real connection is still between Epic and Indio and nothing changes with how the two systems interact with each other. Epic is still using the lookup code and the information from Indio to Epic must match for the button in Salesforce to recognize the account in Indio. The Open in Indio button is only available on the Account, and it references all the criteria Indio/Epic require (the Email on the Employee must match the User in Indio, the user must be assigned to a servicing role on the account, the primary contact requires email, etc.)

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