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Indio's Send to Carrier Feature: On-Demand Webinar and Demo
Indio's Send to Carrier Feature: On-Demand Webinar and Demo

How Indio's Send to Carrier feature will allow you to send commercial submissions directly to underwriters from within the Indio platform.

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Indio’s vision has always been to simplify and streamline the insurance submission experience for the entire insurance value chain. From collecting information from clients to sending submissions to carriers.

With Indio's Send to Carrer functionality, agents can now close the loop of the commercial submission lifecycle by allowing all submission applications, documents, and data to be sent to underwriters from within the Indio platform resulting in significant time savings for agencies, improved insurer relations, a decrease in E&O concerns, and a superior customer experience.

Learn more by watching our on-demand webinar and demo below:

Still have questions? Feel free to chat with our Support Team! The chat feature is located in the bottom, right-hand corner of the platform, or email at

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