Pushing Marketing Activities to Epic

Send to Market submissions now create an automatic activity in Epic

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What is it?

Indio exports an activity to Epic in real-time, each time a submission is sent to market. Now both the systems can maintain a record of the Indio event, without the agent manually updating inside Epic.

This is another step in the path of making the exchange of data between Indio and Applied Epic automated, more robust, and seamless.

*This feature requires Epic 2021.1 or above, as well as an SDK license.

How does it work?

On sending a submission to the market from Indio, an automated process will send activity to Epic stating that a carrier submission event took place in Indio.

This activity will appear on the Accounts Activity screen in Epic and will surface other details about the marketed submission such as Carrier Name, Description, and Status.

Please note the linked Indio submission and updated status of the carrier submission towards the bottom half of the activity detail screen.

Troubleshooting Activity Issues

The Employee Who/Owner is a required parameter for this data exchange. If you are not an assigned Servicing Agent for at least 1 imported Epic account, no activity will be published.

Additionally, if you do not have the accounts in Indio and Epic synced, you will receive the below notification, and the activity will not be created.

Still, have questions? Feel free to chat with our Support Team! The chat feature is located in the bottom, right-hand corner of the platform, or email at support@useindio.com.

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