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Email Integration Using a Service Account
Email Integration Using a Service Account

Setup and manage email integration for your entire organization in one place

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Admins now have the ability to enable and manage Indio's email integration for all their organization's users. Using a service account from your email provider, you can enable the integration for all agents or a specific subset of agents in Indio.

Please Note: This feature is only available upon request. Service Accounts are not available for Google users at this time. We are actively working to support Gmail and will update this article when it becomes available.

How it works:

1. First, you need to have a service account that you can use for the integration. Please ask your organization's email administrator or IT department to set this up for you. If you are an administrator for your organization's email, you can follow our Microsoft guide.

2. Once you have obtained the credentials for a service account, login to Indio and click on the Admin menu item in the header and in the sidebar navigation click on Integrations, navigate to the Email Integration tab.

3. Click the "Login to Administer" button

4. Choose your email provider and then follow the steps using your service account not your individual email

5. Once successful you will be brought back to the Email Integration page. The integration is set by default to "Enabled for all agents" in Indio

You can select "Enabled for selected agents only" if you want to limit the integration to only specific agents. Doing so requires you to individually select the agents you want to have the email integration

When service accounts are enabled for an agency, individual users are no longer able to setup or manage their own email integration. When the user navigates to the Email Integration section on their Account Settings page they will see the status of their email integration as either enabled or not enabled for their account.

Still have questions? Feel free to chat with our Support Team! The chat feature is located in the bottom, right-hand corner of the platform or email at

Note: The Indio Technologies platform is most optimized on the browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you use Internet Explorer (IE) 10 or less, there may be limited functionality as a result. Internet Explorer (IE) 10 will reach end of support on January 31, 2020.

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