Indio Integration with CSR24

Allow your clients to seamlessly navigate from CSR24 to Indio

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With CSR24 and Indio, your clients can now navigate directly from their CSR24 portal to their Indio submissions & applications without the need to re-authenticate with Indio.

Activating the Integration:

For any existing agencies with CSR24 & Indio, your license for this integration will be added by our Technical Support team automatically. You can check if this has been completed by logging into Applied CSR24 > System Admin > Licenses.

If the Indio Service URL & Secret Key have not been added, please email to have this added.

For new agencies to either CSR24 or Indio, this integration will be setup for you during implementation.

Using the Integration:

Once the license has been successfully added to your CSR24 portal, your Insureds will now be automatically logged into Indio when they click the configured button on their start page. No need to re-enter their email or receive the 5-digit login code.

To add Indio to a Start Page:

Add Indio as an item to an existing or new CSR24 Menu (in System Admin). You will select Indio from the Current URLs (not Menu Item).

Take note of the Menu & Description you chose, as you will need to know them for the next step.

Add Indio Menu Item to an existing or new CSR24 Start Page (in Self Service Admin; only available to CSR24 admins).

The item will be listed per your chosen Description name.

If your agency previously leveraged an Indio Custom Link in the Start Page, this will need to be updated to utilize a new Indio Menu Link per the above.

If your agency uses multiple Indio portals, you can only use the CSR24 integration with one. However, for your clients who use your secondary Indio subdomain, you can still add a Custom Link to a different Start Page by inserting the below link.

Be sure to change subdomain to the appropriate Indio portal!!/sso?apikey=vPVRqSma2fimCaIu7FiKIKGRJoKjNZWfCDtXXUzW&email={Email}

For more information on adding a CSR24 Menu Item, click here.

For more information on adding to a CSR24 Start Page, click here.

Still have questions? Feel free to chat with our Support Team! The chat feature is located in the bottom, right-hand corner of the platform or email at

Note: The Indio Technologies platform is most optimized on the browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you use Internet Explorer (IE) 10 or less, there may be limited functionality as a result. Internet Explorer (IE) 10 will reach end of support on January 31, 2020.

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