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How To Build and Digitize Your Agency Forms
How To Build and Digitize Your Agency Forms

The guide below are our best practices when building or submitting forms to our Operations team

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The Indio Operations Team builds or edits anywhere from 250 to 500 new forms per month. With the high volume of requests, we want to make sure that this process is efficient for both our team and your agency to ensure your form is built quickly and correctly.

Step 1: Building Your Form

If you would like your form to map to specific applications (ACORD, Supplementals, etc.) Please complete the following information while building your form:

  • Copy the exact wording from the questions off of the forms that you would like it to map to most

  • If you like an entire section or table, verbatim, from an existing application (carrier or other) - Please copy and paste this section onto the PDF and let us know that you would like to recreate this section

Indio has the ability to pull over some basic information into the forms that can be found in the business information section of the Indio platform. This information includes:

  • Business/Org Name

  • Business Address

  • Business Phone

  • Business Fax

  • Business Website

If you have specific questions about what can or cannot be done within a form or application, please reach out to your Implementation Manager or

On this call, please be prepared to discuss what exactly you would like certain questions/sections to do or how they should “act” within a form

Step 2: Sending the Form to Indio

  1. During the implementation process, please send the form(s) to your Implementation Manager who will have them digitized accordingly

  2. If the implementation process has been completed, please send the forms directly to

  3. Please try to be as specific as possible with your request(s) and if you feel that there is a complexity to talk through, please reach out to your Implementation Manager or

Step 3: After the Form is Sent to Indio

  1. The Indio Operations Team will review the form request and reach out accordingly if there are any questions that arise

  2. The Indio Operations Team will digitize the form and add it to the form library

  3. The turnaround time is 7-10 business days for rush requests or 14-17 business days for a standard request

Step 4: Once the Form is in Indio

  1. If there are any issues/concerns with specific questions not mapping appropriately, please communicate this to your Implementation Manager or and these items will then be reviewed by the Indio form building team for correctness

  2. In the future, if there are updates to a form that you would like to make (remove a question, update wording, etc.) you can email the new, updated PDF version of the form directly to with the request

Additional Indio Resources:

  • Office Hours - Work with an Indio specialist in a public, drop-in session to address specific training questions as you learn, practice, and use Indio. Click here for the Applied University calendar and search for Indio to see all upcoming Office Hours sessions you can register for: Applied University Office Hour

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  • On Demand Training for New Employees - Use these training resources for new employees or long-term employees who need a refresher on Indio

  • Support – Email or chat within Indio about your technical questions/issues related to the Indio platform

  • Email to talk with one of our Solution Specialists and/or strategize on how to increase usage and adoption across your agency

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