Document Upload Requests

Agents can ask clients to upload documents for a submission

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There is a section for document upload requests for a client on the Data Collection tab for a submission. This type of request can be used to securely receive documents like lease contracts, standardized contracts, and financial statements from a client.

Click "+ Add" for Document Upload Requests to enter a new request. Use the Note field to explain what documents are needed.

  • What if a client has already sent you one or more of the documents needed? You can add those documents to the submission by uploading them when you enter the request. In the client portal, the client will see the documents you have uploaded for them-- they do not need to provide the same documents again.

In the client portal, document upload requests appear below the forms.

When a client is done uploading the documents you have requested, they click "Mark as Complete" to finish the request.

If notifications are turned on, you will receive an e-mail notification when documents are uploaded and when a client marks a document upload request as completed. Uploaded documents also appear under Activities.

On the Data Collection tab for a submission, the status of the request indicates that documents have been uploaded and the request is completed.

Click on the request to view or download the documents from the request page.

Documents uploaded for a submission also appear on the Documents tab.

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