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What are the benefits of using Digital Submissions?
What are the benefits of using Digital Submissions?

There are lots of benefits for agents when using a digital submission to a market rather than an e-mail submission.

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What are the benefits for agents of using Digital Submissions?

Faster Quotes

Less back and forth because the carrier can ensure they have the information they need upfront.

Reduced Risk of Errors

With the digital transmission of data, the underwriter does not have to re-key information.

Automatic Submission Status Updates

Carriers can send back submission updates that are shown in Indio and Epic.


PII is kept safe in transmission through the API.

Easily Update a Submission

Just click "update submission."

Automatic Activity and Marketing Status in Epic

An activity is automatically created in Epic upon sending a submission in Indio. Carrier status updates will be shown in the activity.

Integrated Market Appetite

See what markets have appetite for your risk during submission setup or send.

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