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Introduction to Indio Form Building
Introduction to Indio Form Building

Indio is the premier platform for insurance agents to collect all data needed from their insureds for both new and renewal business.

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One of Indio’s core product offerings is the ability to turn static PDF forms into digital applications that communicate and share responses with other forms on the Indio platform.

This is made possible by Indio’s robust “Insurance Field Database,” which comprises over 500,000 standardized fields. While these fields are not verbatim copies of every question asked by each unique carrier, they do represent materially the same information being asked or collected.

The Indio Operations Team has worked diligently to create industry

standards based on over 25,000 digitized applications. Additionally, this

team is consistently enhancing these standards and mappings through

a series of data integrity and merging exercises.

The Indio team builds on average 500 new forms per month. With the

high volume of requests, we want to make sure that this process is

efficient for both our team and your agency.

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