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How to Request a Digitized Form
How to Request a Digitized Form

This articles describes the steps to take before submitting a form digitization request

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Indio Forms Library:

  • Prior to submitting forms for digitization, please verify that the form is the most up-to-date version and that it doesn’t already exist in the Indio Forms Library.

Basic Form Requirements for Indio Digitization:

  • The form/application must be in PDF format (we cannot accept MSWord, Excel, etc.)

  • The form/application must be completely blank (i.e. no fields pre-filled).

  • The form/application must be a clean PDF and not something that has been scanned.

Form Digitization Requests can be accomplished via 3 Different Avenues:

  • Email the form(s) directly to our Operations Team at

  • Email the form(s) directly to your Customer Success Manager/Implementation Manager

  • Send the form(s) over to our Support Team via email or chat

Form Digitization Timelines:

  • Standard Requests: 10 – 14 Business Days

  • Rush Requests: 7 – 10 Business Days

    *** Please note that forms exceeding 15 pages typically require 1-2 additional days of work ***

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