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How Can You Create Your Own Form?
How Can You Create Your Own Form?

This article details best practices to guide you on creating your own agency form

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Indio’s SmartMapping allows data in very similar or exact questions to be shared across multiple applications contained within an Indio submission. Keeping this in mind, when your agency would like to build a proprietary form within Indio, please review the below best practices:

  • Please make sure that your form is completely blank and is in PDF format.

  • Please make sure that you provide ample space on the PDF for responses to download onto (Example Below).

    • (Don't Do This) “Total Number of Employees?”

    • (Do This) “Total Number of Employees? _______________”

  • If you would like to utilize conditional logic (i.e. If X then Y), please make sure this is clear on your PDF . Two great ways to reflect this are:

    • Indent the conditional questions on your PDF so that it is clear that they should only be asked conditionally.

    • Place a note next to the parent questions (i.e. “If no, please skip questions 2-7”)

  • If you would like your form to map (i.e. transfer responses) against specific forms within Indio, please take a few minutes to review those forms so that you can pull out questions that you would like to utilize.

  • If you would like specific fields to transfer from your form to others, please use the verbatim wording on your PDF that you see reflected within Indio (or very similar wording) - This will allow our team to ensure that the fields we use on your form match those used on the form you are expecting it to map against.

  • Indio forms have the ability to pull over some basic information (Found in the business information section on the Indio platform) immediately upon adding them to a submission: Organization Name, Business Address, Business Phone, Business Fax, and Business Website.

If your proprietary form should be shared with another agency (i.e. a recent acquisition of yours, or unveiling a program), please let us know this information when you send the form over so that we can provide access to all necessary platforms.

*** Please note that Indio cannot alter fonts, colors, alignment, or any other cosmetic requests. All forms within the platform are intended to have a uniform look and feel ***

If you have any questions about what can or cannot be done with a specific form, please contact our Support Team. It is always best to discuss your questions/expectations upfront so that once the form is digitized, it is done correctly and in line with your expectations, the first time. You can reach our Support Team through email ( or the chat located at the bottom left of the Indio portal.

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