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How Does Indio Build Your Forms?
How Does Indio Build Your Forms?

The Form Building process begins the moment you or your staff send an e-mail to Indio's Operations Team with a request to digitize a form.

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When a form is sent in for digitization, an internal ticket is created and the form is assigned to a member of our Operations Team.

Once the builder is assigned to the form, they will begin reviewing the PDF to ensure quality and ensure we can support the form.

After we've confirmed the form can indeed be built, the builder will begin the building process. As a reminder, this process, on average, takes approximately 10-14 business days.

Once all of the sections & questions on your form have been replicated within Indio’s digital version of the form, the builder will begin specifying where that data will download onto the source PDF when it is exported from the Indio platform.

Finally, once the building and mapping stages have been completed, the form will undergo a series of Quality Assurance checks & tests to ensure that it has been completed correctly and serves as an adequate representation of the core form.

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