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Requesting Carrier Form Revisions & Updates
Requesting Carrier Form Revisions & Updates

There are two primary types of requests that the Indio Team can accommodate for revisions and updates to carrier-built applications

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  1. Carrier Form Updates: If the carrier that you are working with sends you a new version of an application that exists within Indio, please send this to our Operations Team for digitization! Once the new version is built and available within Indio, we will remove the old version of the application from our digital library and alert you.

    • If you, for any reason, need an old version of an application that has been taken down or replaced with a new version, please reach out to our Support Team. Indio’s Support Team would be happy to work with you on this and can certainly authorize older versions of forms as needed.

  2. Carrier Form Revisions: If you feel that Indio has misrepresented a carrier’s application or if you notice any issues with any of Indio’s carrier applications, please reach out to the Indio Support Team and let them know! If an issue is reported this will be reviewed within 24 hours, analyzed by a member of our Operations Team, and will ultimately be corrected as deemed necessary. Once a determination/correction has been made you can expect to be notified by a member of Indio’s Support Team.

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