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How do Workbooks & Forms Interact With Each Other?
How do Workbooks & Forms Interact With Each Other?

42 different Indio Schedule Workbooks can interact with Repeatable tables within Applications and ACORDs. Here's how!

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Indio currently supports 42 different schedules within the Schedule Workbook feature. These schedules can be added into any submission within Indio so that agents and applicants can easily fill out and track exposure information.

One reason workbooks are so valuable is that they are able to share values with certain Indio forms.

If a form is looking for an applicant to list exposure information, such as vehicles, drivers, statement of values, locations, equipment, etc, this would be built out within Indio as a repeatable table. While Indio has hundreds of different repeatable table ‘types,’ the core repeatable tables utilized correlate directly with the 42 different schedules supported within the workbook feature.

Let’s explore an example of this: If you are working on the Acord 127 and are already storing both vehicle and driver exposure information within a workbook, then this would allow you to easily pull those values directly into the Acord form. This ultimately saves time within the application process and eliminates the need for duplicative data entry.

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