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Frequently Asked Questions
Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are some of the most asked questions regarding Form Building

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Q: What forms does Indio not support?

A: At this time, Indio cannot accommodate non-insurance-related forms, such as legal documents, tax, government, or financial forms. Additionally, the Indio platform is geared towards Property & Casualty Insurance. Today, Indio does not support Benefits Forms.

Q: Why do Indio forms not have question numbers?

A: Due to the fact that Indio forms utilize conditional logic (i.e. the ability to hide certain questions/sections within the digital application that do not necessarily apply) numbering questions could ultimately lead to confusion. Based on how applicants respond to certain questions, Indio’s conditional formatting may prompt them to skip certain questions or even entire sections when not applicable. Additionally, agents have the ability to hide questions and sections as they deem appropriate in the pre-renewal process, so with this in mind, if questions are hidden throughout an application, question numbers could cause confusion for the applicant.

Q: Can I bold/highlight certain areas of text for my clients?

A: No - but certain questions or sections can be emphasized by agents by marking them as required or by leaving comments. Furthermore, the uniform look and feel of Indio’s digital applications are intentional so that all forms that your clients use look and feel the same (i.e. Acord forms, questionnaires, carrier supplementals, etc.).

Q: Can I add the same form multiple times to the same submission?

A: Yes - In order to do so, you must utilize Indio’s ‘entities’ feature to create an additional entity within the same submission. Doing this would, in turn, allow you to add the same application again within the same submission. Please keep in mind that entities within a submission do not communicate with one another (i.e. do not share data).

Q: What is an appendix page?

A: Often due to constraints on the PDF application itself, some client responses may be too long for the space provided, and if that’s the case, Indio moves the entire response to an appendix page. If and when this happens, Indio will also highlight the section of the application that these responses are stemming from.

Q: Can Indio support Dynamic PDFs?

A: No - Today, Indio cannot support Dynamic PDFs (i.e. PDFs that change in length/complexity based on the different inputs or selections).

Q: What field types does Indio support?

A: Indio utilizes a broad array of field types to suit the needs of our clients and match the look & feel of the carrier or agency application. Here is a list of current field types we support: Yes-No, Text-Area (up to 1,024 characters), Text (up to 256 characters), Numeric (accepts numerals from 0 to 9 with no decimals), Dropdown (choose one from among a list of options), Multi-Choice (choose multiple answers from a list of options), Radio (choose one from a list of two or three options), Number (accepts numerals from 0 to 9 and decimals), Range (percentage fields), Currency (inputs $ sign and commas automatically), Date (MM/DD/YYYY fields), Email (email format only i.e., File (accepts .pdf, .doc, .docm, .docx, .dot, .dotx, .csv, .xls, .xlsb, .xlsx, .xlsm, .ppt, .pptx files and a max of 105MB), FEIN - (accepts a nine-digit FEIN), SSN (accepts a nine-digit Social Security Numbers).

Q: How do my forms integrate with Epic?

A: If you have questions regarding Indio’s Applied EPIC Integration, please reach out to either your CSM or the Indio Support Team! Both avenues are well

equipped to help answer any questions that you might have.

Q: What forms integrate with Epic?

A: Indio’s EPIC-ACORD form integration is constantly evolving and being updated so please check with either your CSM or our support team for the most up-to-date information surrounding form integrations.

Q: What currencies do Indio forms support?

A: Indio forms currently support US and Canadian dollars. In the future, as Indio ventures into new countries, Indio’s forms will accommodate the predominant currencies of those regions.

Q: How many signatures can Indio support?

A: Currently, Indio forms can only support one signer. If multiple signatures are requested on any given application, this can only be accommodated if the signer is the same in all places. Signatures for the agent/broker and other applicant stakeholders (i.e. CCO, CFO, CTO, etc.) can be gathered using Indio’s stand-alone E-Signature tool.

Q: Can/Will Indio update my agency-specific PDFs for me?

A: No! If you would like any updates made to an agency-specific PDF please make those changes on your end and send the new PDF to our Operations team. From there, a member of our team will work to replace the PDF being utilized on the platform.

Q: Can I send form field/field-type revision requests to the Indio Operations


the A: No! If you feel that your form has been misrepresented or would like to have a discussion about your form, please contact your Customer Success Manager,

Implementation Manager, or the Indio Support Team. While the Operations Team is happy to assist we want to ensure that you are getting assistance in a timely and efficient manner and will forward field/field-type revision requests along to the Indio Support Team.

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