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Assigned Agent is Needed for a Submission
Assigned Agent is Needed for a Submission

Options to send a submission to a client are disabled if an account has no active assigned agents

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Each account requires at least one active assigned agent. However, if agents are deactivated then an account can be left with no agents to respond to client activities or comments. If there are no active agents for an account, then a warning message is displayed and the buttons for the Send to Client and Copy Client Portal Link options are disabled.

On the Submissions page:

  • (A) Warning message for "no assigned agents" displays

  • (B) + Add Agent button is used to add an active agent and enable sending to client and copying Client Portal link

  • (C) Client Portal link cannot be copied.

In addition, the Send to Client option is disabled and a tool tip explains the reason. This option is disabled on both the Submissions page for an Account and the Data Collection page for a Submission.

On the Manage Account page:

  • (A) Warning message for "no assigned agents" displays

  • (B) Client Portal link is disabled and an explanation displays

  • (C) Client Portal link cannot be copied.

On the Accounts List, clients with no assigned agent have a warning flag.

You can get a list of "orphaned" accounts, too. Use the Account filter option "Accounts with No Agents" to see a list of accounts without an assigned agent.

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