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Agents can track all of their submissions in Indio that are work in progress (WIP)

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The most recent enhancements to the Submissions List are explained on What's New.

The Submissions List shows submissions that are currently being worked on in Indio. Navigate to this list from the Submissions link at the top of each web page.

The Submissions list is now the landing page for Agents when they login, so clicking on "Indio" navigates to this page, too. The agent landing page is set under Admin, Agency Settings. This defaults to the Submissions List but can be changed back to the Accounts List for an agency. To learn more, check out this article: Brokerage Profile for Admins.

Submission List Columns

For a Submission row, click on a Submission name link to navigate to the Submission Details page for a submission.

Click on an Account name link to navigate to the Submission Overview page for an Account.

The Due Date is the date when data collection should be completed by a client.

The Effective date is the date when the new policy is expected to be in effect (or the expiration date of the current policy).

The Last Activity Column shows how long it has been since a Client performed an activity for a submission.

Data Collection steps are:

  • Agent Prep: Agent is preparing a data collection submission to send to a client

  • Sent to Client: Submission has been sent to a client and is waiting for client contacts to access in the Client Portal. Note that this only appears when the Send to Client option is used for a submission. If you copy the Client Portal Link and send the link to a client by e-mail then this status will not appear for a submission.

  • Client in Progress: At least one client contact has accessed the submission in the Client Portal.

  • Completed: Client has submitted all of the requests for a submission.

The Marketing status shows "In Progress" if the submission has been sent to any carriers using Indio's Send to Market feature.

Access & Visibility Status for each submission can be edited from this page, too.

The overflow menu ("...") for each row provides a list of actions available for a submission.

  • Note that there is no "renew" option for active submissions. To renew a submission, it must be marked as completed.

Filter Options

The list of submissions can be filtered by agent, data collection due date, and submission or account name. The Filters tab provides additional options to filter by Opportunity Type, Account Type, Region, or Data Collection step.

  • Agent filter: This works the same as the Agent filter on the Accounts list.

    • Employee-level users can see only the submissions they are assigned to

    • Manager-level users can see only submissions for agents in their region

    • Admin-level users can see submissions for all agents.

  • Due Date filter:

    • A submission is Past Due if the Due Date has passed.

    • Due in ### Days options show submissions that are due between today and a number of days in the future. This excludes past due submissions.

    • Custom Range allows entry of a specific date range. This shows past due submissions if the starting date is before today.

  • Submission or account name filter: Enter any part of the name in the search input field (on the right of the filter bar)

  • Filters tab:

    • Opportunity Type, Account Type, and Region filters work the same as on the Accounts List page.

    • Data Collection step is based on client activity in the Client Portal.

      • "Sent to Client" indicates the submission was sent to a client using Indio's "Send to Client" option. Note that this status is NOT updated if an Agent uses "Copy Link to Client Portal" and sends the link via e-mail.

      • Regardless of how a client gets the link to the Client Portal, when a client accesses a submission the Data Collection step is updated to "Client in Progress".

Submission Status

Submission statuses are Active, Completed, or Archived.

  • A Submission is automatically marked as completed 30 days after the Effective Date. (This status update occurs nightly.)

  • Use "Mark a Submission as Complete" to manually set a submission as completed

Completed and archived submissions do NOT appear on the Submissions List. To see the submissions for an Account that are no longer active, click on the Account name to navigate to the Submissions Overview page for an account.

To renew a submission, it must be marked as completed. Active submissions do NOT have a renew option.

A completed submission can be changed back to active by selecting "Set Submission as Active" from the overflow menu ("..."). Note: A submission that is reactivated stays active until you manually mark that submission as completed.

An archived submission can be changed back to active by clicking "Unarchive".

Export Submission List Data to Excel

Click on the Export As Excel File button above the list to export the list data to a file.

An XLSX file is downloaded to the browser. There are separate tabs for Active and Recently Completed submissions.

As with the submissions list, the data downloaded is filtered based on the agent type.

  • Employee-level users can see only the submissions they are assigned to

  • Manager-level users can see only submissions for agents in their region

  • Admin-level users can see submissions for all agents.

Also, the download includes submissions due anytime.

Still have questions? Feel free to chat with our Support Team! The chat feature is located in the bottom, right-hand corner of the platform or email at

Note: The Indio Technologies platform is most optimized on the browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you use Internet Explorer (IE) 10 or less, there may be limited functionality as a result. Internet Explorer (IE) 10 will reach end of support on January 31, 2020.

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