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Email Integration: Minimum Requirements Guide
Email Integration: Minimum Requirements Guide

A help guide on basic requirements needed to integrate with your email account.

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General Settings

Regardless of configuration, the following settings apply:

  • Nylas only supports individual mailboxes for Microsoft accounts. Alias accounts, shared mailboxes, distribution groups, and Microsoft 365 group lists aren't supported.

  • If the email account requires 2FA and uses Basic Auth, the user needs to generate an app password to sign in.

  • If the account is only accessible through a corporate network, VPN, or firewall, you'll need to allow Nylas/Indio to connect as the account from an external network.

  • Accounts provisioned on national cloud environments, such as the United States Government, are not supported at this time. These environments use different Azure AD endpoint URLs for authentication. We currently only support accounts authenticated with the Azure AD (global services) endpoint URLs:

Office 365

Nylas publishes a *Suggested Office 365 Settings* document, outlined at a high-level below. Nylas’ document provides screenshots of the default settings pages.

From within the Office 365 settings page, open the Exchange admin center:

Protection tab:

  • Connection Filter

    • Use the default settings

Mobile tab:

  • Mobile Device Access

    • Verify that all iPhone devices are allowed.

    • Verify that there are no quarantined devices with a user agent string of python-EAS-Client 1.0 (the dummy mobile device Nylas uses to connect).

  • Mobile Device Mailbox Policies

    • Use the default settings

Additional considerations:

  • Nylas is unable to connect/sync users that are in admin groups. This is a Microsoft limitation.

  • You may need to allowlist Nylas IP addresses that are listed below:

Microsoft Exchange

  • Turn on Exchange Web Services (EWS). EWS must be visible outside of the corporate network and enabled for the individual mailbox. Indio/Nylas uses EWS for email sync, an organization’s users must have this turned on.

  • Make sure that Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) is enabled, and available outside of the corporate network.

Additional considerations:

Service Accounts

  • Authenticating users with service accounts requires the original account instead of an alias.

  • The domain names for the service account and the user must match. For example, if the service account credential was created under but the user account is, authentication will fail.

Additional Documentation

Still have questions? Feel free to chat with our support team using the chat feature located in the bottom right-hand corner of the platform or email

Note: The Indio Technologies platform is most optimized on the browsers such as Google Chrome or Firefox. If you use Internet Explorer there may be limited functionality as a result.

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