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Improve User Interface on Repeatables
Improve User Interface on Repeatables

User Interface improvements that force the clients/insureds to view all of the column fields within the “repeatable” section of a form.

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Why did we enable this feature?

Previously, there were many forms containing a type of question called a “repeatable” that could have many columns/fields. Indio only showed a subset of columns that could fit on the screen, and the client had to click “Edit” to open a row and see the additional columns. Often, insureds did not realize that there was more information behind the edit button, and therefore moved on and left the form incomplete.

Benefits of the Feature:

This feature forces the client/insured to view all of the column fields within the “repeatable” section of a form via the table view by scrolling all the way to the right of the screen and all the way to the bottom of the screen.

How Does the Feature Work:

Insured must verify a repeatable section in the new table view

The client clicks on the VERIFY SECTION button of the repeatable section of a form.

A modal opens stating that the section can’t be verified until the table is reviewed.

The table view is opened so that insured can review all of the items. The insured must then scroll all the way to the right and bottom to verify information of all columns/fields.

If the insured tries to verify the data without scrolling all the way to the right and bottom, they will be prompted to scroll.

Once the insured has scrolled all the way to the right and bottom, the “VERIFY” button becomes active and the user is able to click verify and hit “Done”.

The insured is then directed back to the form page and the “VERIFY SECTION” option is now checked.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Does this feature force the insured to review all fields and columns of a repeatable section that may have been previously hidden in the user interface?

A: Yes

Q: Will the user be able to make changes from within the table view before verifying?

A: Yes

Q: Does this feature allow the agent to make certain columns/fields required in the table view repeatable section?

A: No, although this may end up being a future enhancement

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