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Schedule Templates: Allow requirement of signatures on schedules
Schedule Templates: Allow requirement of signatures on schedules

Indio allows agents to require the client to sign their schedules.

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Why did we enable this feature?

Insurance carriers often require that the insured/client sign a particular schedule in order to provide the agent with a quote. This is particularly true for the Statement Of Value schedule. Due to this requirement, many agents are spending additional time completing the signature of schedules with the client outside of Indio.

Benefits of the Feature

Allowing agents to require that insureds sign schedules within Indio saves agents and clients time from having to obtain signatures manually outside of Indio.

How Does the Feature Work?

Agent Adds Signature Requirement to Schedules

The agent navigates to the Schedule Workbook page, accesses the overflow menu, and sets the schedule to require a signature.

The agent can also navigate to the Schedule Page itself to set the schedule to require a signature.

The schedule now requires a signature. A message is triggered indicating that a Signature is now required.

Removing a Signature Requirement

The agent removes the signature requirement from the schedule workbook page by clicking “Remove Signature Requirement” in the overflow menu.

Similarly, the agent can remove a signature requirement from the schedule page

The label denoting the signature requirement is then removed.

Client Reviews & Signs a Schedule that Requires a Signature

The client enters data into the schedule and clicks Mark Reviewed. If no errors, the signature flow is triggered.

The client is notified that the schedule is ready to sign and can read the disclaimer before clicking continue.

The client agrees to the electronic signature agreement that is already in place for signing forms. A PDF of the schedule is then generated along with an addendum.

The client can review the schedule as a PDF and scroll down or click to the signature addendum page

The client clicks the signature field

The client chooses a preset signature and clicks done

The electronic signature is added to the addendum page of the PDF. The client can now proceed to Mark as Reviewed.

The client is directed back to the workbook page and the schedule is marked as signed

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: Can agents require signature after the schedule has been marked reviewed or submitted by the client/insured?

A: Yes, the agent can navigate back to the schedule workbook page and require the signature after the fact. The Schedule status then changes back to Pending.

Q: Can admin agents set signature requirements on schedule templates?

A: Yes, admin agents can set signature requirements on schedule templates, however agents can always override the requirement if needed.

Q: How would we handle a scenario where the client updates the schedule AFTER having signed?

A: If the schedule is updated after it is signed, the signature is invalidated and must be signed again.

Still have questions? Feel free to chat with our support team using the chat feature located in the bottom right-hand corner of the platform or email

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