Create a Schedule Workbook (How-To)
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What is it?
A schedule workbook is a feature within a submission that allows you to create, upload, or import (integration only) exposure data (SOV, Drivers List, Named Insureds, Locations, Equipment, etc.) into Indio for your insureds to review and update as necessary as you prepare for their renewal.

Benefits of the feature
Updated client exposure information is required to quotes from the carriers. Typically, exposure information is usually stored in the Agency Management System (AMS360, Epic, etc.) or on an Excel spreadsheet. With Indio's schedule workbook feature, you will be able to send these schedules to your insureds and allow them to update as necessary. Once reviewed and completed, you will also be able to easily track changes on the schedule workbook to assist you and your underwriters with the renewal process.

How to use the feature:

Once a submission has been created, you can create a schedule workbook by clicking "Add Workbook" in the client profile:

From here, you will have several options depending on your agency's integration with Indio:

  1. Start with a new, blank workbook.

  2. Import data from your agency management system (*Note: this requires integration, please contact your Indio Administrator or Customer Success Manager for details).

  3. Import data from a spreadsheet. You will need to match Indio's template and reformat your workbooks into Indio's template format before uploading. To download our template, you can see the "Download Indio Workbook Template" highlighted below.

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