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Renewal "Verification Mode" System (Video)
Renewal "Verification Mode" System (Video)

Using Indio to make renewals an easy task for your insured

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In order to renew coverage, insureds should update their business information on a yearly basis. This renewal process can expose agencies to E&O as business owners may forget to provide the correct or necessary updates year-over-year. In the event of a claim, proving the E&O was a result of an insured can be challenging and costly. 

Additionally, many renewal applications are required to be filled out from blank every single year, though much of the data may remain the same. This creates unnecessary work for you and your insured. 

With Indio's new "Renewal Verification" system, you reduce E&O liability for your agency while saving a significant amount of time for both you and your insured. In this webinar, we will show you:

  • How Renewal Verification Reduces The Rekeying of Data Year-Over-Year

  • How Renewal Verification Can Reduce Agency E&O Exposure

  • How quickly insureds can "verify" information that has stayed the same from last year

  • How Indio's system tracks and logs all "verified" and changed fields by your insured

Check out the video below:

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