How to Use Schedule Templates

Learn about creating and using reusable schedule templates

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What is it?

Schedule Templates allows Indio users with Admin access to preconfigure and create a template of any workbook schedule.

Benefits of the feature:

This feature will be very useful, especially if your team spends a lot of time rearranging, resizing, and showing/hiding columns for each client individually.

Any setting that you can change in the schedule, you can alter within the schedule template. For example:

  • Visible columns

  • Order of columns

  • Name of columns

  • Sorting and grouping

  • Column locking

  • Drop down validation

  • Required columns

Additionally, Schedule Template Groups allow you to configure the same schedules in different ways for different uses. For example, you could have one group for the Personal Lines Team or another group for Construction clients’ schedules.

Accessing the Schedule Templates Feature

How to use the feature:

The Schedule Templates feature is accessible within the Admin drop-down menu (see screenshot below):

List of Schedule Groups

When you first visit the Schedule Templates main screen, you will see a list of Schedule Groups. If this is the first time your agency has used the Schedule Library, you will only see the default group, named "General Business".

To rename or delete a group, click on the three dots within a template group. The default group cannot be deleted but can be renamed and the schedules within it altered.

You can create a new group by clicking the New Group button. You will be asked to select which group you would like to make a copy of to create the new group.

*Note: When creating a new schedule templates group, you must select a preexisting group of templates to copy from. If this is your first time creating a new group, you will be prompted to copy from the default “General Business” templates group.

List of Schedule Templates within a Group

Clicking on a group will take you to the list of schedule templates for that group. The page defaults to the Active list of templates, with hidden items listed under the Inactive tab. You may Edit, Set Template as Inactive, or Rename Template from the overflow menu. When on the Inactive tab, the menu will include Set Template as Active.

Editing a Schedule Template

To edit or view the details of a schedule template, either click on the template name or the expand menu "Edit" link. On the next screen, you will see something that looks very much like a normal schedule view except without data. From here, you can make any edits to the template you want and they will be available to your agency users.

If you need a refresher on how to customize a schedule, read our help articles on how to leverage the power of schedule workbooks: Video Tutorial and How-To Instructions.

Using a Schedule Template

Once you've set up your schedule templates, your agency users will be able to use them on specific clients to create new schedules or import existing schedules from your AMS.

When uploading data or creating a blank schedule, the user will see an option to choose the Schedule Group. This will determine which schedule is available to use and how the schedule template is configured.

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