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How to Attach the Prior Year PDF to a Form
How to Attach the Prior Year PDF to a Form

Attaching last year’s application is a great reference to help you and your client fill out the current application. Here's how we do it:

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What is it?

Upload Prior Year PDF is a feature that gives agents the ability to upload the PDF of last year’s completed application within any form in a submission.

Benefit of the feature:

By having last year’s application attached, it will help your client fill information quicker since they will have a side-by-side reference guide. It will also help any agents who might prefill some of the information for the client.

How to Use the Feature:

1. From the account page, click into the submission, then the application where you want to attach the Prior Year PDF.

2. Once you are in the form, click on the three dots as seen in the image below. From the dropdown, select "Upload Prior Year PDF".

3. The Upload Prior Year PDF window will appear. You can either drag and drop the pdf into the window or click “browse” to select the PDF from within your computer/laptop. Next, click "Upload".

4. Once the Prior Year PDF is uploaded, you will notice that a black, rectangular box appears at the bottom left hand corner with View Prior Year PDF. Please note that this is how it will appear for your client as well. Click on it to open it up.

5. The Prior Year PDF now appears. If you want to expand the viewer window, you can grab it anywhere along the edge and drag it right.

6. Other options for Upload Prior Year PDF include:

(1.) Downloading the PDF

(2.) Replacing the PDF with a different one

(3.) Maximizing the Viewer window

(4.) Deleting the current PDF

(5.) Minimizing the Viewer window

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