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View changes made on a form at any given point of time

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What is it?
This feature enables agents to view changes made to a form, regardless of who made the change. You can view the summary of fields that have changed from their previous value and details of every change made to a field.

Benefits of the feature:

This feature is important because it will allow an agent to see and track any changes made on a form whether it was done by the agent or the insured. This provides for a level of strategy and transparency as the agent and insured are working on the digitized form(s) together.

How to use the feature:
The View Changes action can be found in two places within the application. One is from the overflow menu ("...") on a form in the Client Submission view:

The other way to access the function is on the toolbar of a form:

The changes will appear as a table showing previous value and the new value only for fields that have changed:

What is the Previous Value?
For a submission renewed in Indio, the previous value is the prior year's value. In a new submission, the previous value is any value entered by the agent before submitting it to the client. This may be blank if no value was entered before sending the submission to the client, or if the client left the field empty.

Downloading the Changes
A "Summary of Changes" since the last renewal or a "Full Change History" since the last renewal with timestamp and individual who made the change listed can be downloaded to PDF. ImageRight agencies with active integration can send the PDF to ImageRight.

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