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Change Summary Screen
Change Summary Screen

Improvements to Bi-Directional Integration Flow

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What is it?

The Import and Export flow for moving data between Indio and Epic is updated to make the feature easier to use and make it more transparent, enabling data accuracy and ability to view the changes before Import or Export is submitted.

This is part of Indio’s ongoing improvements to the integration with Epic. We continue to make it easier to keep both systems up to date and eliminate unnecessary rekeying of data.

How to use the feature?

Change Summary Screen

When importing or exporting data between Indio and Epic, you will now see a summary of the changes and be able to view all the details of the import or export.

This will help you assure the right data is going to the right place and correct any errors beforehand.

To know more about what data can be exchanged between the two systems, please read here.

The Summary Screen will detail changes in normal fields and repeatable, striking out the data which will be overwritten in Epic or Indio after Import or Export is confirmed. You can also download the changes to maintain records.

Improvements to the Import and Export Flow

  • The Modals are replaced by Full-Screen Overlays, making it easier to view and select the policies. You can now select one Policy and one Entity at a time to enable data accuracy. If there are multiple entities, you can choose which entity you would want to import to OR export from.

  • New and clear messaging is added to guide the user. For eg., If there are no ACORD forms added to the submission, then we display a message that data will not be populated from Epic.

  • Logging is improved by adding timestamps for the last data transfer performed on the submission. We also added separate logs for Import, Export and Summary Preview on the Integration Panel.

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