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Indio and Epic Bi-Directional Integration
Learn About the Indio and Applied Epic Bi-Directional Integration
Learn About the Indio and Applied Epic Bi-Directional Integration
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Note: Want to learn more about using the Indio and Applied Epic bi-directional integration? Read some of our help center articles below to help guide you.

What is the Indio and Applied Epic Bi-Directional Integration?

The bi-directional integration enables agencies to seamlessly exchange account data, ACORD data, contacts, and agents, between Indio and Applied Epic via a two-way sync functionality. The seamless exchange of data allows agencies to keep client and policy data accurate and up to date within the two platforms. As a result, agencies will experience an increase in time-savings and efficiency, while decreasing E&O concerns.


This feature is only available for Applied Epic users on versions 2020 MU3 and above (including both on-prem and cloud). Additionally licensing also required.

Functionality offered:


  • 125 or Commercial Application

  • 126 or General Liability

  • 127 or Business Auto

  • 130 or Workers Compensation

  • 146 or Equipment Floaters (Not available for Marketed Policies, currently)

2. Schedules DATA

  • Commercial Drivers

  • Commercial Vehicles

  • Locations

  • SOV

  • Contacts

  • Named Insured

  • Other Named Insured

  • Additional Interests

  • Product and Product Details

  • Payroll

  • Officers/Individuals

  • Prior Carrier + Loss History/ Policy History

  • Premises

  • Hazards

  • Equipment Scheduled

  • Equipment Unscheduled

  • Equipment Storage (Available in Locations Workbook)

3. Client DATA

Manual Sync Using Sync with Epic and Send to Epic

  • Client Name

  • Client Contacts

  • Agents associated with the client

  • Export Attachments from Indio Documents tab to the Epic attachment list

4. Additional DATA Sync Options

  • Auto Sync of Policy headers, Accounts, Client Contacts, and Agents

  • Bulk Upload of Accounts, Client Contacts, and Agents

5. Activity Push from Indio to Epic

  • Pushing Marketing Activities into Epic (ICSA activity code)

  • Optional feature for user-defined activity during Forms Data Export process.

Watch our video below that shows the full functionality of the new two-way integration:

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