Partial Exports: How to fix an Export Error

Video tutorial & how-to instructions for "Export to Epic" errors

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What is it?

With Indio's Bi-Directional Integration with Epic, you can now push your ACORD & schedule data directly into your Epic policy. However, Epic has very strict rules around data formatting that often aren't shared by Indio. To ensure data integrity in Epic, Indio will surface any "errors" caused by incorrect formatting/data entry.

Benefits of the Feature:

By surfacing the incompatible data after you have collected information from you clients, we save them the headache of having to know what Epic will/will not accept.

We also save you that headache. No need to memorize, we'll let you know exactly what fields require updating prior to export.

How to Use the Feature:

First, you will need to launch the Export to Epic workflow via the Actions menu in your submission. For instructions on Exporting to Epic, read here.

After you select the policy in Epic to which you wish to export, Indio will review each individual field's data. If the information transferred between the two systems is not compatible, then you will receive an error message (see example below), which will prompt you to fix the data.

The “Go to Form” link will open a new tab and navigate you to the section that the error occurred. Once you have corrected the issue, you may close this new tab, and click "Retry" in the original window.

If instead, you select "Finish," any information which is correct (in terms of formatting, data entry etc.) will be “Partially Exported.”

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