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Create a Schedule Workbook - Import from Epic (Video)
Create a Schedule Workbook - Import from Epic (Video)

How to import policy level data from Epic into INDIO so that your insured can update the information in the portal

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What is it?

A schedule workbook is a feature within a submission that allows you to import exposure data (Drivers, Vehicles, Named Insureds, Equipment, SOV, etc.) from Epic into Indio for your insureds to review and update as necessary as you prepare for their renewal.

Benefits of the Feature

Currently, exposure information is usually stored in EPIC and cannot be updated directly by the insured. The integration with EPIC allows you to easily import data into INDIO so you can send these schedules to your insureds and allow them to update as necessary. Once reviewed and completed, you will also be able to easily track changes on the schedule workbook to assist you and your underwriters with the renewal process.

For the Full Schedule Workbook Training, please go to this article:

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