Account Activity History

View a history list of activities by clients and agents for an account

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Has a client logged in to the Client Portal yet? Which tasks for a submission have been completed by a client? Account Activity history provides answers. There are two ways to view account activity history.

  • The Activity option in the left column for an Account shows activity history for a single account.

  • The Account Activity list shows activity history for all accounts.

On this list you can search for activities by document name, form name, or schedule name. You can also filter activities by activity type, account type, and region. For more information see: Account List and Account Activity.

Depending on the type of activity, the activity description has links to quickly navigate to the relevant details:

  • A document name link opens a preview of the document (for PDF documents)

  • An e-signature request link opens a preview of the signed document

  • A form name link opens the form data entry page

  • A schedule name link opens the schedule data entry page

  • A document upload request opens the request page

  • A submission name link opens the data collection page for a submission.

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