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"Send to Market" Feature - Send Marketing Submissions within Indio (via Email)
"Send to Market" Feature - Send Marketing Submissions within Indio (via Email)

Send marketing submissions directly to your underwriter from within Indio

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Indio makes it easy to send marketing submissions to the carriers of your choosing right from within the platform. Market your submission in four easy steps to quickly and efficiently send the same submission to multiple carriers.

How It Works:

1. Start a Marketing Submission

There are multiple ways to start a marketing submission. On the Data Collection tab of a client account, click the Send button for the submission you want to send and choose Send to Market.

On the Marketing tab of a client account click the blue Get Started button. The button location will be slightly different depending on whether at least one marketing submission has been sent already or not.

2. Choose your Markets

To begin, you may choose your market from the dropdown list or launch IVANS Market Appetite to explore current insurers for your particular risks & location. You can type in the box to search and choose “Other Market” if the market you want to send to is not listed. If you manually type the carrier when selecting “Other Market,” Indio will add the carrier to the drop-down menu for future Send to Market selections.

If you selected markets during submission creation, your pre-selected markets will be listed here.

If you choose to explore Market Appetite, you will enter the built-in IVANS Market Appetite search module. From here you can search all insurers for your previously selected Lines of Business.

You may search by Class Code, Lines, and State. To select this market for future use in your marketing process, click the check mark & the market will be added to the right Selected Markets column. Once finished, click Done.

For more information on IVANS Market Appetite, click here.

Once you have selected your market, you will be prompted to enter the Recipients and select if you would like to send a copy to the other assigned agents.

The first time you send a Carrier a submission you will need to manually enter the Recipient's email address. The next time you send a submission to that carrier the Recipients field will autofill with the email address(es) you sent to previously. Click the “x” on the email address to remove any recipients you don’t want to include in your submission. Similarly, you can remove the market by clicking on the 'x' in the modal. Alternatively, you can uncheck the market modal to remove the selected market.

3. In Step 2, you can add attachments to your submission in the following ways:

  • Attach forms, schedules, and documents that are already available in Indio.

  • Upload a file from your computer to attach.

Please note that the same set of attachments will be sent to all selected markets.

If the total size of the email submission (including attachments) exceeds 25MB, Indio will automatically split your submission into multiple emails to ensure successful delivery, regardless of the recipient's email provider. In this case, you will see a message that reads "Due to the size of this submission, it will be delivered using more than one email message."

Each email will have a prefix added in the subject line denoting that it is part of the same submission, such as "(1 of 2)" and "(2 of 2)". The body of each email will be the same with the attachments distributed between the multiple emails.

4. In Step 3, customize your Subject & Narrative.

The subject line is automatically filled based on your brokerage name and the client name, but you can customize it as desired. Additionally, the same subject line and narrative are sent to all markets.

Checking the "Send a copy to all assigned agents" box will add all the assigned agents on the account to BCC, ensuring they receive a copy of the submission.

The "Send me a copy" box is checked by default to ensure you receive a BCC of the submission for your records. You can uncheck the box if you do not wish to receive a copy, but we recommend leaving it checked so you have a copy for your records.

5. Review your submission to confirm everything looks correct before clicking Send to Market

If you have your Email Signature setup, it will be included in your email. If you have Email Integration enabled, then the submission email will be sent from your email address.

6. Click Send to Market on the final confirmation modal.

7. Success! You can easily market the submission to another carrier by clicking the blue Select More Markets button.

Each time you send a marketing submission through Send to Market, an activity will be generated in Indio.

If your agency uses the Epic 2-Way Integration, you also have the option to automatically create an activity in Epic. Read more here.

All of your marketing submissions sends will also be recorded in the Marketing Tracker. Click here to learn more about the Marketing Tracker.

Need to send an update to a marketing submission?

  • Use the "Update Submission" option in the overflow menu to send an updated to a single market.

  • Use "Send an Update" to send to the same update to multiple markets at the same time.

Still have questions? Feel free to chat with our Support Team! The chat feature is located in the bottom, right-hand corner of the platform, or email at

Note: The Indio Technologies platform is most optimized for Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox internet browsers. If you use Internet Explorer (IE) 10 or less, there may be limited functionality as a result. Internet Explorer (IE) 10 will reach end of support on January 31, 2020.

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